Aesthetics of change.

  title={Aesthetics of change.},
  author={Deepu V. George and Rebekah Hughey},
  journal={Families, systems \& health : the journal of collaborative family healthcare},
  volume={32 4},
  • Deepu V. George, R. Hughey
  • Published 1 December 2014
  • Medicine
  • Families, systems & health : the journal of collaborative family healthcare
The authors discuss a 52-year-old woman, Ms. Smith, on her third office visit to address her elevated blood pressure and obesity. With her most recent encounter, Dr. Hughey recalled that she experienced a different side of Ms. Smith. She also recalled the uncanny nature of Ms. Smith's organization of her behavior. Dr. Hughey informed the first author that her initial impressions were that Ms. Smith was noncompliant and resistant. Health care professionals often define change as linear and a… 
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The aim of this dissertation is to investigate the services and methods provided by the various medical and psychological professions within an inpatient psychiatric hospital setting and propose an alternative method to the current procedures.
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A Phenomenological Exploration of Marriage and Family Therapists and their Experiences with Mindfulness as a Means of Self-Care to Sustain Productive Professional Practices
NSUWorks Citation Isaac Farin. 2015. A Phenomenological Exploration of Marriage and Family Therapists and their Experiences with Mindfulness as a Means of Self-Care to Sustain Productive Professional