Aesthetic and allergy free retainers

  • Published 2016 in BDJ


BRITISH DENTAL JOURNAL VOLUME 220 NO. 12 JUN 24 2016 663 shade for an enhanced aesthetic result. Comfortable to wear and easy to clean, everStickORTHO retainers offer a reliable bond to composite bonding systems because of their unique IPN resin matrices. For further information contact GC UK Ltd on 01908 218999, email or visit www. GC everStickORTHO is indicated for the aesthetic retention phase after active orthodontic treatment. Its interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) resin matrix holds the individual glass fibres in a bundle which facilitates easy handling and adaptation to the arch, eliminating the need for study models or second visits. Completely metal-free and consequently without causing the risk of metal allergy (from nickel and chrome) associated with conventional wire retainers, everStickORTHO blends in with the natural tooth AESTHETIC AND ALLERGY FREE RETAINERS

DOI: 10.1038/sj.bdj.2016.454

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