Aerosols for Medical Applications (GAeF Satellite Meeting).


During the last 10 years there has been an enormous increase in the interest for nanoparticles It is claimed that nano-particfes have many properties, which differ from the corresponding bulk mateiiais, creating many new applications in electronics, optics, magnetism and ceramic materials. Another application might be the production and/or the del.very of… (More)
DOI: 10.1089/jam.1999.12.142

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@article{Popov1999AerosolsFM, title={Aerosols for Medical Applications (GAeF Satellite Meeting).}, author={V. V. Popov and Alexander Pronin and A. V. Savchenko and James W. Gentry}, journal={Journal of aerosol medicine : the official journal of the International Society for Aerosols in Medicine}, year={1999}, volume={12 2}, pages={142-3} }