Aerosol synthesis and Rietveld refinement of Pd2Zn


PdZn catalysts have been proven to be a viable option to replace current Cu catalysts for methanol steam reforming. The change in selectivity to CO2 that makes this a possibility has been attributed to the formation of tetragonal β1-PdZn at treatment temperatures of 500 o C. Through the course of studying the phase evolution of the 1:1 PdZn, it was seen that an intermediate Pd2Zn phase formed at intermediate temperatures in the course of the reduction from room temperature to 600 o C. This phase had not been previously reported by any group currently studying the PdZn system. The discovery of this phase prompted this study in order to isolate and confirm the structure of 2:1 Pd2Zn. Aerosol Synthesis and Rietveld Refinement of Pd2Zn

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