Aerosol Influence on Mixed-Phase Clouds in CAM-Oslo

  title={Aerosol Influence on Mixed-Phase Clouds in CAM-Oslo},
  author={Trude Storelvmo and J{\'o}n Egill Kristj{\'a}nsson and Ulrike Lohmann},
A new treatment of mixed-phase cloud microphysics has been implemented in the general circulation model, Community Atmosphere Model (CAM)-Oslo, which combines the NCAR CAM2.0.1 and a detailed aerosol module. The new treatment takes into account the aerosol influence on ice phase initiation in stratiform clouds with temperatures between 0° and 40°C. Both supersaturation and cloud ice fraction, that is, the fraction of cloud ice compared to the total cloud water in a given grid box, are now… CONTINUE READING


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