Aerococcus-like organism, a newly recognized potential urinary tract pathogen.


During the last 10 to 15 years, Aerococcus-like organisms have been isolated from urinary tract specimens from hospitalized patients at Bispebjerg Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark, with signs of urinary tract infection, and a single strain has been deposited at the National Collection of Type Cultures (NCTC 12142). An additional 63 isolates from the urine specimens of as many patients with suspected urinary tract infection have been identified from seven departments of clinical microbiology in Denmark. Clinical information indicates that this organism may be involved in urinary tract infection. These strains and ten previously collected strains, two of which were from blood cultures, were characterized phenotypically. By comparing the results with data on other gram-positive, catalase-negative cocci or coccobacillary organisms, the identified organisms seem to represent a separate taxon.


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