Aerobic microbial cometabolism of benzothiophene and 3-methylbenzothiophene.

  title={Aerobic microbial cometabolism of benzothiophene and 3-methylbenzothiophene.},
  author={Phillip M. Fedorak and Dunja Grbi{\'c}-Gali{\'c}},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={57 4},
A culture enriched by growth on 1-methylnaphthalene was used to study the aerobic biotransformations of benzothiophene and 3-methylbenzothiophene. Neither of the sulfur heterocyclic compounds would support growth, but they were transformed by the culture growing on 1-methylnaphthalene or glucose or peptone. Cometabolism of benzothiophene yielded benzothiophene-2,3-dione, whereas that of 3-methylbenzothiophene yielded 3-methylbenzothiophene sulfoxide and the corresponding sulfone. The identities… CONTINUE READING