Aerobactin genes in Shigella spp.

  title={Aerobactin genes in Shigella spp.},
  author={K M Lawlor and Shelley M. Payne},
  journal={Journal of bacteriology},
  volume={160 1},
Aerobactin, a hydroxamate iron transport compound, is synthesized by some, but not all, Shigella species. Conjugation and hybridization studies indicated that the genes for the synthesis and transport of aerobactin are linked and are found on the chromosome of Shigella flexneri, S. boydii, and S. sonnei. The genes were not found in S. dysenteriae. A number of aerobactin synthesis mutants and transport mutants have been isolated. The most common mutations are deletions of the biosynthesis or… CONTINUE READING

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