Advise and Consent: On the Americanization of Body Worlds

  title={Advise and Consent: On the Americanization of Body Worlds},
  author={Linda Schulte-Sasse},
Judging from attendance records worldwide, Gunther von Hagens’ Body Worlds: The Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies is perhaps the most successful exhibition ever. But while it has been the subject of intense legal, ethical and cultural controversy in Europe, the exhibition has been hailed by the American press, museum curators, theologians and medical professionals as a homage to the wonders of the human body, a wonderful educational vehicle and an admonition to healthful living. The… 
The Exhibited Corpse: Spectacle and Display in Body Worlds Johannesburg
ABSTRACT Touted as the world's most popular touring exhibition, Body Worlds, the display of “plastinated” human corpses, has been viewed by over 40 million people worldwide. This article builds on
Engaging with plastination and the Body Worlds phenomenon: A cultural and intellectual challenge for anatomists
It is concluded that anatomists need to face up to the opportunities and challenges posed by the Body Worlds phenomenon, utilizing what is being presented to the general public and adapting this in teaching and research.
The Artificial World of Plastination: A Challenge to Religious Perspectives on the Dead Human Body
  • D. Jones
  • Art, Medicine
    The New bioethics : a multidisciplinary journal of biotechnology and the body
  • 2016
It is concluded that there are many disquieting features to these exhibitions, necessitating caution in approaching them, and in reminding visitors of their mortality and the wonders of the human body, they are not to be dismissed entirely.
The Ethical Awakening of Human Anatomy: Reassessing the Past and Envisioning a More Ethical Future
  • D. Jones
  • History
    Ethical Approaches to Human Remains
  • 2019
Human anatomy lives at the interface between its dependence upon high quality dead human bodies for use in teaching and research, and the need to show respect for the deceased and their families.
Inventing the Bodily Interior: Écorché Figures in Early Modern Anatomy and von Hagens’ Body Worlds
Gunther von Hagens’ Body Worlds exhibition contextualises its display of plastinated bodies within the Renaissance tradition of écorché (or flayed body) art—surrounding its figures with screen-prints
Exhibit Essay Review: "Faux Reality" Show? The Body Worlds Phenomenon and Its Reinvention of Anatomical Spectacle
I would like to thank Dr. Lili Fox Vélez (Towson University), who in 2000 first brought the phenomenon of Gunther von Hagens to my attention. Later, while appointed to the Armed Forces Institute of
Human Anatomy: A Review of the Science, Ethics and Culture of a Discipline in Transition
Anatomy has undergone radical changes over its history, and even now its appearance varies between audiences. Within academia, it has frequently been seen as the bastion of medical teaching, even as
I See Dead People: Insights From the Humanities Into the Nature of Plastinated Cadavers
It is argued that Noël Carroll’s structural framework for horrific monsters unites the various accounts of the contradictory or ambiguous nature of plastinates while also showing howplastinates differ from horrific fictional monsters.
Body Worlds and the Social Life of the Plastinated Body: Considerations on the Biotechnology of Plastination
In this chapter, I argue that the controversies following the Body Worlds exhibition can be situated within a biotechnological framework and, in so doing, represent the tension between the continuing
Reading the body at von Hagen’s ‘body worlds’
Based on data collected through familiarization and netnography we explore the different readings of the body at Von Hagen’s Body Worlds. We ground our data in a reading and interpretation that draws


Horror Film and the Historical Uncanny: The New Germany in Stefan Ruzowitzky's Anatomie
At first glance, Stefan Ruzowitzky's recent horror film Anatomie has nothing more in mind than what its genre usually does-to entertain its audience by administering a few thrills and chills. The