Advice to hedgehogs, or, constants can vary

  title={Advice to hedgehogs, or, constants can vary},
  author={David R. Stirzaker},
  journal={The Mathematical Gazette},
  pages={197 - 210}
  • D. Stirzaker
  • Published 1 July 2000
  • Mathematics
  • The Mathematical Gazette
It is a trite but true remark to say that there are two fundamental random processes, one being the Poisson process and the other being Brownian motion. They are each fundamental in two ways; first, they do seem to describe much of the natural world very well, and second, the student is well-advised to study and master these two before going on to look at harder and more recondite processes. This note gives a brief glimpse of some aspects of the Poisson process, which is technically by far the… 

Notes on stochastic processes Paul Keeler

A stochastic process is a type of mathematical object studied in mathematics, particularly in probability theory, which can be used to represent some type of random evolution or change of a system.

Notes on stochastic processes

A stochastic process is a type of mathematical object studied in mathematics, particularly in probability theory, which shows some type of a randomness. There are many types of stochastic processes

Notes on the Poisson point process

This survey aims to give an accessible but detailed account of the Poisson point process by covering its history, mathematical definitions in a number of settings, and key properties as well detailing various terminology and applications of the process.

Bayes factors for research workers

  • A. Ly
  • Computer Science
  • 2018
This dissertation advocate the use of Bayes factors in empirical research to replace or complement standard null hypothesis tests based on p-values, and implemented them in Jeffreys’s Amazing Statistics Program, JASP, which is freely available and open-source.

Simulation of a Cellular Automaton with Markov Chains: Applications in Self-Organized Dynamical Systems

This work attempted to present an example of how an automaton can move in an environment with obstacles, by regulating its behavior so as to allow a decision based on rewards and penalties.

Validating high level simulation results against experimental data and low level simulation: a case study

This paper outlines a framework for the statistical understanding and attribution of the errors produced by a high level simulator when compared against real experiments by means of a low level simulator.

Detecção de novidade para sistemas de sonar passivo

O som e uma onda mecânica que se propaga por grandes distâncias nos oceanos e, por essa razao, pode ser utilizado para a deteccao e classificacao de contatos em meios submarinos, tarefas basicas de

Probability of flooding

  • M. Marriott
  • Environmental Science
    The Mathematical Gazette
  • 2002



On the integro-differential equations of purely discontinuous Markoff processes

Introduction. In the following we are converned with stochastic processes depending on a coninuous time parameter \(t\), that is to say, with some entity (change variable) whose state is specified by


independent. We assume, in other words, that vehicles arrive 'at random'. The assumption of randomness is not usually true in practice, but Adams (1936) has shown that the approximation is quite good


Über die analytischen Methoden in der Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung

ZusammenfassungEin physikalischer Prozeß (die Änderung eines physikalischen Systems) heißt stochastisch-definit, wenn aus der Kenntnis des ZustandesX0 des Systems in einem gewissen Zeitmomentt0 die