Adverse effects of homeopathy: a systematic review of published case reports and case series

  title={Adverse effects of homeopathy: a systematic review of published case reports and case series},
  author={Paul Posadzki and Amani A. Alotaibi and Edzard Ernst},
  journal={International Journal of Clinical Practice},
Aim:  The aim of this systematic review was to critically evaluate the evidence regarding the adverse effects (AEs) of homeopathy. 

Adverse effects of homeopathy: a systematic review of published case reports and case series – response by Posadzki and Ernst

This paper presents a meta-modelling study of the immune system’s role in the development of central giant cell types, which has shown clear patterns in response to natural selection and in particular the role of immune checkpoints.

Adverse effects of homeopathy: a systematic review of published case reports and case series – comment by Tournier et al

This paper presents a meta-anatomy of the central nervous system disorder called central giant cell granuloma, which is a complication of central nervous disease and has serious consequences for the quality of life and the immune system.

Homeopathy and Psychological Therapies

A possible reinterpretation of homeopathy in the light of psychological therapies in order to improve its clinical safety and sustainability is outlined.

Written evidence submitted by the Society of Homeopaths (AMR005) SUBMISSION

This written submission by the joint research consultants of the Society of Homeopaths (referred to as ‘the Society’ from here on) aims to provide evidence-based suggestions for the role homeopathy

Complementary medicine causing severe side-effects in a child - an overlooked cause of weight loss?

Homeopathic medicine was found to be most likely causative agent for the present symptoms, because the symptoms were start observing soon afterwards the start of the homeopathic treatment.

Can you kill your enemy by giving homeopathy? Lack of rigour and lack of logic in the systematic review by Edzard Ernst and colleagues on adverse effects of homeopathy

Letters critical of the piece and responses from the authors as well as from a peer reviewer are published, as the peer review process was also criticised.

Do homeopathic medicines cause drug-dependent adverse effects or aggravations?

Establishing an online monitoring system for collection of data on the adverse effects of homeopathic, herbal or conventional medicines is relevant for non-biased assessment of the information gathered from consumers and health care providers.

Bias and adverse effects of homeopathy: is scientific criticism in homeopathy a “mission impossible”?

  • S. Chirumbolo
  • Psychology
    International journal of clinical practice
  • 2013
This contribution will try to provide some explanation of the strange way by which homeopaths participate in whatsoever is coming up from a scientific debate, by reporting episodes and examples where they dismiss its value with “only their own” prejudices.



Homeopathy for eczema: a systematic review of controlled clinical trials

  • E. Ernst
  • Medicine
    The British journal of dermatology
  • 2012
Homeopathy is often advocated for patients with eczema, and homeopathy-based remedies can be helpful in the treatment of these conditions.

An unusual case of baboon syndrome due to mercury present in a homeopathic medicine

Keywords: systemic contact dermatitis; baboon syndrome; mercury; homeopathy; children; thimerosal

[Risk-free homeopathy?].

  • E. Ernst
  • Medicine
    Schweizerische medizinische Wochenschrift
  • 1996
The notion of totally risk-free homeopathy is questioned and the case in point attitude of some homeopaths towards immunization is quoted as an example of particular concern.

A systematic review of systematic reviews of homeopathy.

  • E. Ernst
  • Medicine, Psychology
    British journal of clinical pharmacology
  • 2002
It is concluded that the best clinical evidence for homeopathy available to date does not warrant positive recommendations for its use in clinical practice.

A Systematic Review of Systematic Reviews

The vast amount of information available in the medical literature has spawned increasing use of systematic reviews for presentation of filtered

Do homeopathic medicines provoke adverse effects? A systematic review.

Homeopathic medicines in high dilutions, prescribed by trained professionals, are probably safe and unlikely to provoke severe adverse reactions and it is difficult to draw definite conclusions due to the low methodological quality of reports claiming possible adverse effects.

Homeopathy for depression: a systematic review of the research evidence.