Adverse drug reactions during drug-resistant TB treatment in high HIV prevalence settings: a systematic review and meta-analysis.


Objectives To estimate the prevalence of adverse drug reactions or events (ADR) during drug-resistant TB (DR-TB) treatment in the context of settings with high HIV prevalence (at least 20% of patients). Methods We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of articles in PubMed and Scopus. Pooled proportions of patients experiencing adverse events and relative risk with 95% CI were calculated. Results The search yielded 24 studies, all observational cohorts. Ten reported on the number of patients experiencing ADR and were included in the meta-analysis representing 2776 study participants of whom 1943 were known to be HIV infected (70.0%). An average of 83% (95% CI: 82%-84%) of patients experienced one or more ADR. Among the seven articles ( n  =   664 study participants) with information on occurrence of severe ADR, 24% (95% CI: 21%-27%) of patients experienced at least one severe ADR during drug-resistant TB treatment. Sixteen of the 24 studies analysed the relative risk of ADR by HIV infection, nine of which found no statistically significant association between HIV infection and occurrence of drug-related ADR. There was insufficient information to disaggregate risk by concomitant treatment with HIV antiretrovirals or by immunosuppression (CD4 count). Conclusions No randomized clinical trials were found for WHO-recommended treatment of drug-resistant TB treatment where at least 20% of the cohort was coinfected with HIV. Nearly all patients (83%) experience ADR during DR-TB treatment. While no significant association between ADR and HIV coinfection was found, further research is needed to determine whether concomitant antiretrovirals or immunosuppression increases the risks for HIV-infected patients.

DOI: 10.1093/jac/dkx107

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