Adverse birth outcomes and maternal complications in licensed cosmetologists and manicurists in California

  title={Adverse birth outcomes and maternal complications in licensed cosmetologists and manicurists in California},
  author={Thu Quach and Julie Von Behren and Debbie E. Goldberg and Michael Layefsky and Peggy Reynolds},
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AbstractPurpose Due to concerns around occupational chemical exposures, this study sought to examine whether women working as cosmetologists (providing hair and nail care services) and manicurists (providing only nail care services) have an elevated risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes.MethodsIn this population-based retrospective study of cosmetologists and manicurists in California, we linked cosmetology licensee and birth registry files to identify births during 1996–2009. We compared… 
Reproductive disorders among cosmetologists and hairdressers: a meta-analysis
It is indicated that hairdressers and cosmetologists have a higher risk of reproductive disorders, compared to the general population.
Maternal cosmetics use during pregnancy and risks of adverse outcomes: a prospective cohort study
The present study suggests that personal cosmetics use will increase the risk of small for gestational age (SGA), but further research is required to determine which cosmetic products may account for the higher risk of SGA.
Health and Safety in Nail Salons: A Cross-Sectional Survey.
Nail technicians in Toronto, Canada are experiencing work-related symptoms, and musculoskeletal symptoms were the most common symptoms reported.
Maternal occupation as a nail technician or hairdresser during pregnancy and birth defects, National Birth Defects Prevention Study, 1997–2011
Objective Nail technicians and hairdressers may be exposed to chemicals with potential reproductive effects. While studies have examined birth defects in children of hairdressers, those in children
Occupational Exposures Among Hair and Nail Salon Workers: a Scoping Review
Overall, there were insufficient studies to determine whether working in these settings is associated with reproductive health endpoints, although prior studies suggest that reproductive effects are of concern.
Development of health and safety training for Vietnamese American nail salon owners and workers
A series of occupational health training modules, which were culturally tailored to Vietnamese-speaking workers, covering topics on infection control, musculoskeletal disorder prevention, chemical safety, and labor practices, revealed the multitude of social and economic barriers facing immigrant nail salon owners and workers.
Improving the knowledge and behavior of workplace chemical exposures in Vietnamese–American nail salon workers: a randomized controlled trial
The owner-to-worker intervention with culturally and linguistically appropriate training for salon owners who then trained workers was effective in promoting knowledge and self-reported behaviors that can reduce workplace chemical exposures.
Evaluation of the Various Risk Factors Associated with Placenta Previa Development: A Simple Literature Review
Assessment of the recent literatures must be done to provide a summarized paper analyzing the various risk factors that stands behind placenta previa development, which will help in prevention and control the increasing in the incidence of the condition.
Factors Influencing Health Service Utilization Among Asian Immigrant Nail Salon Workers in the Greater New York City Area
Factors influencing past year healthcare utilization among Asian immigrant women working in nail salons were identified, including Korean (rather than Chinese) women and women who perceived themselves to be in fair/poor health and a traditional provider of Eastern medicine.
The association of prenatal exposure to benzophenones with gestational age and offspring size at birth
It is demonstrated that benzophenone derivatives especially BP-3 can affect the duration of pregnancy and consequently fetal growth in the early and late stages of pregnancy.


Work as a hairdresser and cosmetologist and adverse pregnancy outcomes.
Evidence is provided that work as a hairdresser or cosmetologist during pregnancy increases the risk of low birth weight, preterm delivery, small for gestational age (SGA) and perinatal death and reduces foetal growth.
The risk of congenital malformations and other neonatal and maternal health outcomes among licensed cosmetologists.
Working as a cosmetologist was positively associated with several adverse maternal perinatal and neonatal health indicators but was not associated with congenital malformations in this study.
The Risk of Having a Low Birth Weight or Preterm Infant among Cosmetologists in New York State
A slightly increased risk for having a child born low birth weight among cosmetologists compared to another group of licensed professionals was observed, and the risk was greater among non-white races in each comparison.
Reproductive outcome among female hairdressers
Results indicated that hairdressers have a slight increased risk of having intrauterine growth retarded infants and infants with major malformation compared with women from the general population, however, no clear associations were seen between individual exposure assessments and these outcomes.
Reproductive Disorders among Hairdressers
The results show that hairdressers who conceived in 1986–1988 had an increased risk of prolonged time‐to‐pregnancy of more than 12 months, which indicates an increase in reproductive risks for hairdressesers in earlier years that now seems to be disappearing.
Pregnancy outcomes among female hairdressers who participated in the Danish National Birth Cohort.
It is found that children of hairdressers in Denmark currently have a high risk of fetal impairment or delayed psychomotor development, but no significant differences in fetal loss, multiple births, gender ratio, preterm birth, small-for-gestational age, congenital malformations, or achievement of developmental milestones are found.
Infertility and Spontaneous Abortion Among Female Hairdressers: The Hordaland Health Study
Infertility and spontaneous abortion were higher among female hairdressers than among women in other occupations and the risk was primarily found among never smokers.
Risk of adverse outcomes in pregnant women exposed to solvents.
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Most maternal and live birth outcomes were similar between the clients who sought consultation and the random sample of women, which supports previous research, which shows an elevated risk of pregnancy-induced hypertension associated with solvent exposure in women.
Exposure Assessment in Nail Salons: An Indoor Air Approach
Due to the complexity of the nail salon work environment, traditional approaches to exposure assessment in this context tend to mischaracterize potential hazards as nuisances. For this investigation,
A Preliminary Survey of Vietnamese Nail Salon Workers in Alameda County, California
A critical need for further investigation into the breast cancer risk of nail salon workers is highlighted by the workers’ routine use of carcinogenic and endocrine-disrupting chemicals, their prevalent health concerns about such chemicals, and their high level of acute health problems.