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Adverse Aeroelastic Roll/Lateral Rotorcraft-Pilot Couplings Analysis

  title={Adverse Aeroelastic Roll/Lateral Rotorcraft-Pilot Couplings Analysis},
  author={Pierangelo Masarati and Vincenzo Muscarello and Giuseppe Quaranta and Politecnico di Milano and Nbsp and Georges Tod and François Malburet and Eacute and cole Nationale Sup eacute and rieure d'Arts et M eacute and tiers and Marilena D. Pavel and Tu Delft},
Helicopter Roll-Axis Instabilities induced by Pilot Cyclic Control: A Physical Explanation
The main objective of this paper is to give a basic understanding of the mechanisms through which pilot cyclic inputs in lateral cyclic interacts with high-order rotor dynamics destabilizing the