Adventures in group theory: rubik ’s cube, Merlin ’s machine & other mathematical toys

  title={Adventures in group theory: rubik ’s cube, Merlin ’s machine \& other mathematical toys},
  author={Gerhard Betsch},
  journal={The Mathematical Intelligencer},
  • G. Betsch
  • Published 1 March 2005
  • Mathematics
  • The Mathematical Intelligencer
Large Deformation Analysis of Compliant Parallel Mechanisms
A repelling-screw based force analysis approach is developed in this chapter, making it possible to conduct a forward force analysis of compliant mechanisms that have hybrid combinations of flexible elements, and this proposed force-modelling approach is further applied to analyze the large deformation behaviours of origami-inspired compliant mechanisms.
Origami meets electrospinning: a new strategy for 3D nanofiber scaffolds
Interestingly, 3D nanofiber structures that range from simple forms to intricate architectures via origami are created, indicating that the combination of electrospinning technology and origami techniques is a feasible method for the 3D construction of tissue engineering scaffolds.
Solving Rubik’s Cube Using Graph Theory
The application and performance of traditional search algorithms like breadth-first search, depth-limited search, and bidirectional search are demonstrated, and a new approach to find the solution by integrating them is proposed.
Small-Scale Biological and Artificial Multidimensional Sensors for 3D Sensing.
Various 3D sensors are compared to assess the advantages and limitations of their geometry and its impact on sensing mechanisms, and 3D biosensors in nature are explored to provide vital clues for the development of novel3D sensors.
Diamond-colored distributive lattices, move-minimizing games, and fundamental Weyl symmetric functions: The type $\mathsf{A}$ case
We present some elementary but foundational results concerning diamond-colored modular and distributive lattices and connect these structures to certain one-player combinatorial "move-minimizing
Practice-led origami-inspired fashion design: out of the frame: flight by paper plane
ABSTRACT This project, entitled Out of the Frame: Flight by Paper Plane, explores ways of utilising origami, and especially paper planes, to generate creative patterns in fashion design. It also