Adventure Before Adventure Games

  title={Adventure Before Adventure Games},
  author={Jonathan Lessard},
  journal={Games and Culture},
  pages={119 - 135}
The original Adventure by Crowther and Woods (1977) has an important place in computer game history. It is not only considered the first adventure game but also the ancestor of interactive fiction, point-and-click games, action adventures, and even massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Adventure often defined in terms of categories that did not exist at the time of its making. The concept of video games as the cultural institution we know today was alien to its authors. This article… 
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INTRODUCTION Studies have repeatedly observed the comical excess in the so-called classic adventure game genre. The hacker humor of the original Adventure (Jerz 2007; Lessard 2013), the technical
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  • Krystina S. Madej
  • Art
    International Series on Computer Entertainment and Media Technology
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The book takes the reader inside the process of creating a collaborative, interactive narrative in todays social media through an authoring experience undertaken by a group of graduate students, and shows how a generative narrative space evolved around the students use of social media in ways they had not previously considered.
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La technologie est au cœur du discours sur l’evolution des jeux ; des jeux video, en premier lieu, mais egalement de nombreux sports. Les etudes du jeu actuelles ne rendent pourtant pas bien compte
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Games on Media: Beyond Remediation
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  • Art
    Popular Music in the Nostalgia Video Game
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This chapter draws on Bolter and Grusin’s concept of remediation in order to explore the reflective commentary that games provide on past media. It starts with the idea of ‘games on games’ and how


Half-Real: Video Games between Real Rules and Fictional Worlds
A video game is half-real: we play by real rules while imagining a fictional world. We win or lose the game in the real world, but we slay a dragon (for example) only in the world of the game. In
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, 1 rc media for telling stories, while the opposing side t laims that stories and games are different structures I hat are in effect doing opposite things. One crucial .1spect of this debate is
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Perspectivas e o que temos, quer se discuta o texto quer se discuta o cibertexto. Dizia Ricoeur que o texto como um todo singular se pode comparar a um objecto, visto de varios lados mas nunca de
Somewhere Nearby is Colossal Cave: Examining Will Crowther's Original "Adventure" in Code and in Kentucky
Because so little primary historical work has been done on the classic text computer game “Colossal Cave Adventure”, academic and popular references to it frequently perpetuate inaccuracies.
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