Advection by Compressible Turbulent Flows: Renormalization Group Study of Vector and Tracer Admixture

  title={Advection by Compressible Turbulent Flows: Renormalization Group Study of Vector and Tracer Admixture},
  author={Nikolay V. Antonov and Nikolay M. Gulitskiy and Maria M. Kostenko and Tom'avs Luvcivjansk'y},
Advection-diffusion problems of magnetic field and tracer field are analyzed using the field theoretic perturbative renormalization group. Both advected fields are considered to be passive, i.e., without any influence on the turbulent environment, and advecting velocity field is generated by compressible version of stochastic NavierStokes equation. The model is considered in the vicinity of space dimension d = 4 and is a continuation of previous work [N.V. Antonov et al., Phys. Rev. E 95… 

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