Advancing the chronic care road map: a contemporary overview.

  title={Advancing the chronic care road map: a contemporary overview.},
  author={Sara Ahmed and Am{\'e}d{\'e} Gogovor and Myl{\`e}ne Kosseim and Lise Poissant and Richard J. Riopelle and Maureen Simmonds and Marilyn Krelenbaum and Terrence Montague},
  journal={Healthcare quarterly},
  volume={13 3},
In an effort to assess and advance the community-based model of chronic care, we reviewed a contemporary spectrum of Canadian chronic disease management and prevention (CDMP) programs with a participatory audience of administrators, academics, professional and non-professional providers and patients. While many questions remain unanswered, several common characteristics of CDMP success were apparent. These included community-based partnerships with aligned goals; inter-professional and non… CONTINUE READING

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