Advancing Clostridia to Clinical Trial: Past Lessons and Recent Progress

  title={Advancing Clostridia to Clinical Trial: Past Lessons and Recent Progress},
  author={Alexandra M. Mowday and Christopher P. Guise and David F Ackerley and Nigel P. Minton and Philippe Lambin and Ludwig Dubois and Jan Theys and Jeff Bruce Smaill and Adam Vorn Patterson},
Most solid cancers contain regions of necrotic tissue. The extent of necrosis is associated with poor survival, most likely because it reflects aggressive tumour outgrowth and inflammation. Intravenously injected spores of anaerobic bacteria from the genus Clostridium infiltrate and selectively germinate in these necrotic regions, providing cancer-specific colonisation. The specificity of this system was first demonstrated over 60 years ago and evidence of colonisation has been confirmed in… CONTINUE READING