Advances in the management of digoxin toxicity in the older patient.

  title={Advances in the management of digoxin toxicity in the older patient.},
  author={Stephen W. Borron and Chantal Bismuth and Jacek Muszyński},
  journal={Drugs & aging},
  volume={10 1},
Digoxin intoxication is a common problem in the elderly. In its mildest forms it may go undiagnosed, but in severe cases it is often fatal. Altered digoxin pharmacokinetics, attributable to the physiological changes associated with aging, underlying illness, and drug-drug interactions all contribute to the occurrence of digoxin toxicity. Advanced age, male gender, initial hyperkalaemia, underlying heart disease, and advanced atrioventricular block at the time of admission are poor prognostic… CONTINUE READING
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