Advances in the management of diabetic neuropathy.

  title={Advances in the management of diabetic neuropathy.},
  author={Tam{\'a}s T. V{\'a}rkonyi and Anna Erzs{\'e}bet K{\"o}rei and Zsuzsanna Putz and T{\'i}mea Martos and Katalin Keresztes and Csaba Lengyel and Szabolcs Nyiraty and Alin Stirban and Gy{\"o}rgy Jermendy and P{\'e}ter Kempler},
  journal={Minerva medica},
  volume={108 5},
The authors review current advances in the therapy of diabetic neuropathy. The role of glycemic control and management of cardiovascular risk factors in the prevention and treatment of neuropathic complications are discussed. As further options of pathogenetically oriented treatment, recent knowledge on benfotiamine and alpha-lipoic acid is comprehensively… CONTINUE READING