Advances in the diagnosis of urothelial neoplasia.

  title={Advances in the diagnosis of urothelial neoplasia.},
  author={John D. Crissman and Richard J. Zarbo and Tucker Johnson and V. Ravindra Babu and Fazlul H. Sarkar and Brian J. Miles and Jiř́ı {\vC}ern{\'y}},
  journal={Henry Ford Hospital medical journal},
  volume={37 1},
Urothelial neoplasia is a unique cancer in that is consists of a spectrum of tumors with different biologic behaviors. The most common urothelial neoplasm is the low grade superficial papillary carcinoma or papilloma which may recur numerous times but does not result in significant morbidity or mortality. A variant of the superficial papillary carcinoma, which represents approximately 10% of the tumors, is the noninvasive papillary neoplasm which progresses to a less differentiated invasive… CONTINUE READING