Advances in swine in vitro embryo production technologies.

  title={Advances in swine in vitro embryo production technologies.},
  author={Maria A Gil and Cristina Cuello and Inmaculada Parrilla and Juan Mar{\'i}a V{\'a}zquez and Jordi Roca and Emilio Martinez},
  journal={Reproduction in domestic animals = Zuchthygiene},
  volume={45 Suppl 2},
CONTENTS Recent advances in new technologies to produce cloned and genetically modified pigs involve manipulating oocytes and/or embryos in vitro. Although a great deal of progress has been made, the current IVM-IVF systems still result in major problems: a high rate of polyspermy; and a low development rate and low quality of blastocysts for in vitro compared with the in vivo-produced embryos. This study summarizes recent advancements in IVM-IVF-IVC porcine systems. Recent methods to select… CONTINUE READING

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