Advances in hormone replacement therapy: Weight benefits of drospirenone, a 17α-spirolactone-derived progestogen

  title={Advances in hormone replacement therapy: Weight benefits of drospirenone, a 17$\alpha$-spirolactone-derived progestogen},
  author={Jean-Michel Foidart and Thomas Faustmann},
  journal={Gynecological Endocrinology},
  pages={692 - 699}
Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) remains the most effective treatment for menopausal symptom relief, and may provide cardiovascular benefits in younger women initiating treatment soon after menopause. However, large surveys indicate that many symptomatic women refuse or discontinue HRT prematurely owing to fear of weight gain. A continuous combined HRT containing 17β-estradiol (E2) 1 mg plus drospirenone (DRSP) 2 mg is effective in relieving menopausal symptoms and preventing postmenopausal… 

A review of the cardiovascular and breast actions of drospirenone in preclinical studies

Differences in pharmacological profile among progestins may translate to characteristic divergences in clinical profile, with potential implications for long-term health.

Drospirenone-containing oral contraceptives do not affect glucose regulation and circulating corticosterone

The findings showed that the beneficial effect of EE/DRSP could possibly be through the DRSP component, and implies that COCs containing DRSP may be a better and safer means of contraception than those with LN with less cardiovascular risks.

Progestin may modify the effect of low-dose hormone therapy on mammographic breast density

Although hormone therapy appears to suspend breast involution, it does not increase breast density in the majority of treated women, and progestins differing in pharmacological properties may have a variable impact on breast density.

Antiadipogenic effects of the mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist drospirenone: potential implications for the treatment of metabolic syndrome.

Drospirenone exerts a potent antiadipogenic effect that is related to an alteration of the transcriptional control of adipogenesis via an antagonistic effect on the MR, and has promise as a novel therapeutic option for the control of excessive adipose tissue deposition and its related metabolic complications.

Oral Progestins in Hormonal Contraception: Importance and Future Perspectives of a New Progestin Only-Pill Containing 4 mg Drospirenone

The clinical development programme of the 4 mg DRSP mono-preparation and the resulting data on the effectiveness and safety of this new oestrogen-free oral hormonal contraceptive are described.

Oestrogen-free oral contraception with a 4 mg drospirenone-only pill: new data and a review of the literature

  • S. PalaciosP. Regidor J. Bitzer
  • Medicine, Biology
    The European journal of contraception & reproductive health care : the official journal of the European Society of Contraception
  • 2020
A new progestin-only, oestrogen-free contraceptive, drospirenone, in a dosage of 4 mg/day in a 24/4 regimen, has received regulatory approval in the USA and the EU and has shown good efficacy, very low cardiovascular side effects and a favourable bleeding pattern.

Oestrogen-free oral contraception with a 4 micrograms drospirenone-only pill: new data and a review of the literature

Clinical studies have shown good efficacy, very low cardiovascular side effects and a favourable bleeding pattern, as well as maintenance of ovulation inhibition after scheduled 24 h delays in pill intake, as the new progestin-only, oestrogen-free contraceptive drospirenone received regulatory approval in the USA and the EU.

Contraceptives with novel benefits

The newer PR agonists including drospirenone, nomegestrol, trimegestone, dienogest and nestorone are being evaluated as contraceptives with health benefits because of their unique pharmacological properties.



Effects of a New Hormone Therapy, Drospirenone and 17-&bgr;-Estradiol, in Postmenopausal Women With Hypertension

Data show that DRSP combined with E2 significantly reduces BP in postmenopausal women with hypertension and did not induce significant increases in serum potassium, which may lead to a new benefit for this novel hormone therapy in postwomen's hypertension.

Antihypertensive Effects of Drospirenone With 17&bgr;-Estradiol, a Novel Hormone Treatment in Postmenopausal Women With Stage 1 Hypertension

Combination therapy with DRSP/E2 significantly lowered both clinic and 24-hour systolic BP in postmenopausal women with stage 1 systolics hypertension, which may lead to benefit for cardiovascular risk reduction in this population of women.

Drospirenone: a new cardiovascular-active progestin with antialdosterone and antiandrogenic properties.

  • A. Rübig
  • Biology, Medicine
    Climacteric : the journal of the International Menopause Society
  • 2003
Phase III studies with E2/DRSP show that DRSP does not antagonize the well-documented reductions of blood pressure associated with E1; rather, small DRSP dose-related reductions in systolic and diastolic blood pressures were observed, which should be beneficial for recipients, especially those who are mildly hypertensive.

Effects of a new oral contraceptive containing an antimineralocorticoid progestogen, drospirenone, on the renin-aldosterone system, body weight, blood pressure, glucose tolerance, and lipid metabolism.

To the authors' knowledge, this is the first report on a combined OC that leads to a small decrease in body weight and blood pressure and may be especially beneficial for women susceptible for a gain in weight and a rise in blood pressure.

Effect of postmenopausal hormone therapy on body weight and waist and hip girths. Postmenopausal Estrogen-Progestin Interventions Study Investigators.

The impact of hormone therapy on weight gain was similar among subgroups, except for those defined by baseline smoking status and physical activity level at home, which significantly affected the observed overall relationships between estrogen and changes in girth.

Estradiol and drospirenone for climacteric symptoms in postmenopausal women: a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study of the safety and efficacy of three dose regimens

It is demonstrated that the combinations of 1, 2, and 3’mg drospirenone with 1 mg estradiol are safe and effective for the treatment of climacteric symptoms.

Risks and benefits of estrogen plus progestin in healthy postmenopausal women: Principal results from the Women's Health Initiative randomized controlled trial

Overall health risks exceeded benefits from use of combined estrogen plus progestin for an average 5.2-year follow-up among healthy postmenopausal US women, and the results indicate that this regimen should not be initiated or continued for primary prevention of CHD.

Safety and efficacy of drospirenone used in a continuous combination with 17β-estradiol for prevention of postmenopausal osteoporosis

Although endometrial thickness increased slightly, the safety of the endometrium was assured, as no cases of hyperplasia or cancer occurred, and the combination of 17β-estradiol and drospirenone has a positive effect on BMD and a potentially beneficial effect on lipids.