Advances in fractal compression for multimedia applications

  title={Advances in fractal compression for multimedia applications},
  author={John Kominek},
  journal={Multimedia Systems},
  • J. Kominek
  • Published 1 July 1997
  • Computer Science
  • Multimedia Systems
Abstract. Fractal image compression is a promising new technology but is not without problems. Most critically, fast encoding is required for it to find wide use in multimedia applications. This is now within reach: recent methods are five orders of magnitude faster than early attempts. Beginning with the basic ideas and problems, this paper explains how to accelerate fractal image compression.  

A Fast Fractal Image Coding Approach Employing Fuzzy Aggregation of Domain Blocks

A coding scheme is suggested in which multiple domain blocks are used to approximate each range block and hence a reduction in search-overhead is achieved in the encoding process.

Video compression through fractal block coding

  • C. UrmsonK. Ferens
  • Computer Science
    Conference Proceedings. IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (Cat. No.98TH8341)
  • 1998
A technique for encoding motion video using a modified fractal block coding algorithm that performs a reduced search through the domain block pool and a cache to enhance performance is presented.

Transform Based Hybrid Image Compression Tech- niques in Conjunction with Fractal Image Compression Scheme.

In a distributed environment large image files remain a major bottleneck within systems. Compression is an impor- tant component of the solutions available for creating file sizes of manageable and

Generalized Square Isometries - An Improvement for Fractal Image Coding

Why effective non-linear transformations are not easy to find and a model based on conformai mappings in the geometric domain that are a natural extension of the affine model are proposed.

Fractal Video Compression using Block Matching Motion Estimation - A Study

The paper presents the review on different methods for fractal video compression and in block matching motion estimation various algorithm has been proposed having different search pattern and strategies.

Fractal Image Compression Using Dynamically Pipelined GPU Clusters

Fractal compression provides resolution-independent encoding based on the contractive function concept and can have varied usage in satellite surveillance and reconnaissance, medical imaging, meteorology, oceanography, flight simulators, extra-terrestrial planets terrain mapping, aircraft body frame design and testing, film, gaming and animation media, and besides many other allied areas.

A Review on Fractal Image Compression

This paper presents method for generating fractal images using iterated function system, method to partition image for compressing image using fractal image compression technique and various quality measures in fractalimage compression.

An Efficient Method for Fractal Video Compression using Block Matching Motion Estimation RESEARCH

The paper presents an efficient method on fractal video compression, which follows half-way stop technique, which is based on block matching motion estimation.

Fractal compression of satellite images

Fractal geometry provides a means for describing and analysing the complexity of various features present in digital images. In this paper, characteristics of Fractal based compression of satellite

A Domain Pool Classification Method for Better Fractal Volume Compression

This paper takes advantage of the symmetric permutation group of cube and decrease the number of classes and will have a better approximation of the compressed volume.



Algorithm for fast fractal image compression

This paper introduces the Fast Fractal Image Compression algorithm, a new approach to breaking the `speed problem' that has plagued previous efforts, and shows that at comparable quality levels the FFIC algorithm is 5 to 50 times faster than the current state of the art.

Fractal video compression

Techniques based on fractal geometry and the fractal transform yield a method for compressing video images which is independent of screen resolution and aspect ratio and provides incremental

Breaking the Time Complexity of Fractal Image Compression

This work shows that this step can be replaced by multi-dimensional nearest neighbor search which runs in logarithmic time instead of linear time required for the common sequential search in fractal image compression.

Fractal Image Compression Using Iterated Transforms

This article presents background, theory, and specific implementation notes for an image compression scheme based on fractal transforms. Results from various implementations are presented and

Fractal image compression: theory and application

Working C code for a fractal encoding/decoding scheme capable of encoding images in a few seconds, decoding at arbitrary resolution, and achieving high compression rations is proposed.

Convergence of fractal encoded images

  • J. Kominek
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings DCC '95 Data Compression Conference
  • 1995
The terms compound, cycle, and partial contractivity concepts indispensable for understanding convergence of fractal images connect the behavior of individual pixels to the image as a whole, and relate such behavior to the component affine transforms.


The novel application of using linear fractal interpolation functions (FIFs) to model video signals represented as single-valued discrete-time sequences to compress video images to solve the data compression problem of full-motion broadband television signals.

Advances in block based fractal coding of still pictures

Fractal coding is a new technique for compressing images, which exploits similarities in different parts of the picture. For example, with a picture of a fern one can see easily where these

Image compression based on a fractal theory

An implementation of a fractal compression method by exploiting the theoretical foundation given by fractal theory is described and suggestions of further improvements and use of the method in other areas are presented.

The use of fractal theory in a video compression system

The paper describes how fractal coding theory may be applied to compress video images using an image resampling sequencer (IRS) in a video compression system on a modular image processing system. It