Advances in abrasive technology--prophylaxis pastes.

  title={Advances in abrasive technology--prophylaxis pastes.},
  author={Felix Lutz and Thomas N. Imfeld},
  journal={Compendium of continuing education in dentistry},
  volume={23 1},
          61-4, 66, 68 passim; quiz 72
A newly developed prophylaxis paste that contains perlite as an abrasive medium was compared to conventional prophylaxis pastes with regard to relative dentin and enamel abrasion, cleaning ability, and polishing power. Rubber cups and nylon brushes were used as paste carriers. Water, flour of pumice, and a dentin polishing paste served as controls. The Prophylaxis Paste Index was created to assess the clinical potential of the various prophylaxis pastes more accurately. The index was computed… CONTINUE READING