Advances in a baseline process towards high efficiency c-Si solar cell fabrication

  title={Advances in a baseline process towards high efficiency c-Si solar cell fabrication},
  author={P. Ortega and G. L{\'o}pez and I. Mart{\'i}n and S. Bermejo and S. Blanqu{\'e} and M. Garcia and A. Orpella and C. Voz and R. Alcubilla},
  journal={2009 Spanish Conference on Electron Devices},
This paper shows a baseline process to fabricate high efficiency solar cells that are based on the Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell solar cell concept. The idea is to define a very flexible process in order to see, for comparison, the benefits of introducing alternative fabrication steps. For instance, new structures based on laser firing contacts and rear passivation with deposited PECVD a-SiCx: H layers are planned to be fabricated following the baseline process outlined hereby. In its design… Expand
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