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Advances in Steel Industry Control Systems in Era of IoT

  title={Advances in Steel Industry Control Systems in Era of IoT},
  author={Kenichi Kuribayashi and S. Kasuya and Takuya Takeuchi and Yoshitoshi Akita and Hajime Takahashi},
Ken Kuribayashi Shoichi Kasuya Takuya Takeuchi Yoshitoshi Akita Hajime Takahashi OVERVIEW: Hitachi has long taken advantage of the benefits and expandability of autonomous decentralization to build control systems for steel industry equipment that is subject to frequent retrofitting and modification. The current practice is to work on advances in control by utilizing ICT to include extensive data collection and analysis functions and provide feedback to control systems. Specific work by Hitachi… 

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Operation Support and Remote Maintenance Techniques for Steel Industry Control Systems

Toshiaki Takahashi Takaaki Ozawa Hajime Takahashi OVERVIEW: Steel industry control systems tend to be large, comprising motors, drives, PLCs, and process computers among other components. In addition

Advanced Information and Control Systems for Smart Steel Rolling,

  • Hitachi Hyoron
  • 2010