Advances in Food Process Engineering Research and Applications

  title={Advances in Food Process Engineering Research and Applications},
  author={Stavros Yanniotis and Petros S. Taoukis and Nikolaos G. Stoforos and Vaios T. Karathanos},
  journal={Advances in Food Process Engineering Research and Applications},
pH and Heat Resistance of the Major Celery Allergen Api g 1
The pH and the celery matrix strongly influence the stability of Api g 1.0101 and might be the main reasons for the observed temperature lability of this important food allergen.
Food Industry and Processing Technology: On Time to Harmonize Technology and Social Drivers
Through an extensive literature review, including scientific publications and organizational reports of food processing companies, our main goal in this paper is to identify the trajectory of the
Detection of artificially ripened mango using spectrometric analysis
The results show that on a low resolution spectral data, the use of logistic regression produces an accuracy of 98.83% and outperforms other methods like classification tree, random forest significantly and this is achieved by analyzing only 36 spectral reflectance data points instead of the complete 216 data points available in visual and NIR range.
Conditioning reduces kernel damage when impact shelling almonds
Abstract Almonds can be classified based on their shell characteristics from soft to hard shell varieties. The majority of Australian and Californian varieties have soft shell properties. Most
Evaluating the Chemical Reaction of Chelating Agents with Xanthan Gum
Xanthan gum is a polysaccharide natural polymer that is used heavily as a viscosifier in oil and gas industry especially with fracturing and gravel pack fluids. Numerous additives are required to
Recent developments in high-quality drying of vegetables, fruits, and aquatic products
Some new drying technologies developed for dehydration of vegetables, fruits, and aquatic products are reviewed, including infrared drying, microwave drying, radio frequency drying, electrohydrodynamic drying, etc., as well as hybrid drying methods combining two or more different drying techniques.
Sustainability and Challenges of Minimally Processed Foods
Food safety challenges in recent years have been emphasized by the demand of “minimally processed” products. Minimally processed products have been defined as food products that went through very