Advances in Filter Aid and Precoat Filtration Technology


The use of filter aids and precoat filtration is ubiquitous in a wide number of industries, including chemicals, food processing, pharmaceuticals, mining, municipal (potable) water treatment and waste treatment. World Minerals Inc., the parent company of Celite and Harborlite, and other organizations have recently made major advances in filter aid technology. These advances have now pushed the envelope of performance and purity with a wide range of new filter aid products. Filter aids are inorganic mineral powders or organic fibrous materials which are used in combination with filtration hardware to enhance filtration performance. Commonly encountered filter aids include diatomite, perlite and cellulose, and some of these materials have been in use for over seventy-five years. A process trade-off encountered in filter aid technology is between the permeability of the porous media and its turbidity removal properties. Filter aid products are produced in a family of grades over a wide range of permeability ratings. Each filter aid family has a characteristic curve defining this trade-off in either a pressure or vacuum filtration mode. In general, the tightest marine diatomite can remove submicron size turbidity, but as in depth filtration, the practice is to select a filter aid which removes only the size of turbidity necessary to achieve the desired clarity. World Minerals has developed several new families of filter aid materials capable of shifting the trade-off curves to achieve the same or better level of turbidity removal but with greater permeability compared to established grades. In addition, these advanced filter aids can achieve filtration performance using less weight of filter aid addition, and also greater filtration cycle lengths, in terms of volume processed. The properties of these new filter aids and examples will be presented comparing the performance of these new materials to existing products. ADVANCES IN FILTER AID AND PRECOAT FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY

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