Advances in Databases and Information Systems

  title={Advances in Databases and Information Systems},
  author={Ladjel Bellatreche and Patrick Valduriez and Tadeuz Morzy},
  journal={Information Systems Frontiers},
This volume is the second one of the 16th East-European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems (ADBIS 2012), held on September 18-21, 2012, in Pozna, Poland. The first one has been published in the LNCS series. This volume includes 27 research contributions, selected out of 90. The contributions cover a wide spectrum of topics in the database and information systems field, including: database foundation and theory, data modeling and database design, business process… 



Special Issue on: Evolution and Versioning in Semantic Data Integration Systems

Data integration systems aim at integrating data from multiple heterogeneous, distributed, autonomous, and evolving data sources to provide a uniform access interface to end users using the three following architectures: materialized, virtual, and hybrid.

A case for dynamic view management

This article presents DynaMat, a system that manages dynamic collections of materialized aggregate views in a data warehouse, and shows how to derive an efficient update plan with respect to the available maintenance window, the different update policies for the views and the dependencies that exist among them.

On efficient storage space distribution among materialized views and indices in data warehousing environments

A cost model for executing a set of frequently asked queries using both materialized views and indices to minimize total query processing cost is developed and an iterative approach to automatically distribute the storage space among views and indexes for a DW is developed.

Materialized View Selection for Multidimensional Datasets

This dissertation describes techniques for speeding up Online Analytical Processing or OLAP queries, and presents an empirical study of PBS that demonstrates that PBS picks a surprisingly good set of aggregates even when the conditions do not hold, and proposes algorithms that perform significantly better than previously proposed algorithms for multicube workloads.

The RDF-3X engine for scalable management of RDF data

The RDF-3X engine is presented, an implementation of SPARQL that achieves excellent performance by pursuing a RISC-style architecture with streamlined indexing and query processing, and can outperform the previously best alternatives by one or two orders of magnitude.

A general framework for the view selection problem for data warehouse design and evolution

This work identifies and analyzes design goals for materialized view selection for Data Warehousing, and shows how the design goals can be mapped into conditions on expression AND/OR dag structures, and determines the search space for the general view selection problem.

Scalable SPARQL querying of large RDF graphs

This paper introduces a scalable RDF data management system that is up to three orders of magnitude more efficient than popular multi-node RDFData management systems.

AutoAdmin “what-if” index analysis utility

A novel index analysis utility that can be leveraged by a variety of front-end tools and sketch important aspects of the user interfaces enabled by the utility.

Towards Traceability across Sovereign, Distributed RFID Databases

This work introduces the formal concept of traceability networks and highlights the technical challenges involved in sharing data in such a network, and presents an innovative combination of query processing techniques from P2P networks and distributed as well as parallel databases with confidentiality enforcement techniques.