Advances in Clinical and Biomedical Applications of Photoacoustic Imaging.

  title={Advances in Clinical and Biomedical Applications of Photoacoustic Imaging.},
  author={Jimmy Li-Shin Su and Bo Wang and Katheryne E. Wilson and Carolyn L. Bayer and Yun-sheng Chen and Seungsoo Kim and Kimberly A. Homan and Stanislav Y. Emelianov},
  journal={Expert opinion on medical diagnostics},
  volume={4 6},
IMPORTANCE OF THE FIELD: Photoacoustic imaging is an imaging modality that derives image contrast from the optical absorption coefficient of the tissue being imaged. The imaging technique is able to differentiate between healthy and diseased tissue with either deeper penetration or higher resolution than other functional imaging modalities currently available. From a clinical standpoint, photoacoustic imaging has demonstrated safety and effectiveness in diagnosing diseased tissue regions using… CONTINUE READING


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