Advances and limitations of individual-based models to analyze and predict dynamics of mangrove forests : A review

  title={Advances and limitations of individual-based models to analyze and predict dynamics of mangrove forests : A review},
  author={Uta Berger and V{\'i}ctor H. Rivera-Monroy and Thomas W. Doyle and Farid Dahdouh-Guebas and Norman C Duke and M. L. Fontalvo-Herazo and Hanno Hildenbrandt and Nico Koedam and Ulf Mehlig and Cyril Piou and Robert R Twilley},
Mangrove ecosystems are considered vulnerable to climate change as coastal development limits the ecosystem services and adaptations important to their survival. Although they appear rather simple in terms of species diversity, their ecology is complex due to interacting geophysical forces of tides, surface runoff, river and groundwater discharge, waves, and constituents of sediment, nutrients and saltwater. These interactions limit developing a comprehensive framework for science-based… CONTINUE READING
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