Advancement in post-meningitic lateral semicircular canal labyrinthitis ossificans.

  title={Advancement in post-meningitic lateral semicircular canal labyrinthitis ossificans.},
  author={Chung Chi Chan and Dawn Saunders and William K Chong and Benjamin Ernest John Hartley and Ewa Raglan and Kanishka Rajput},
  journal={The Journal of laryngology and otology},
  volume={121 2},
OBJECTIVE To assess whether lateral semicircular canal (LSCC) ossification is more advanced than that in the cochlear basal turn, in order to judge the value of the former as a predictor. METHODS Retrospective review of 33 paediatric patients from our cochlear implant programme, with profound sensorineural hearing loss after bacterial meningitis. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) scans and operative findings were reviewed. RESULTS On CT, LSCC ossification scores… CONTINUE READING

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