Advanced solid state laser materials

  title={Advanced solid state laser materials},
  author={B. H. T. Chai},
  journal={Technical Digest. CLEO/Pacific Rim'95. The Pacific Rim Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics},
  • B. H. T. Chai
  • Published in
    Technical Digest. CLEO…
  • Physics
  • TuJ3 Fig. 1. When a mirror was open, the spectrum showed the strong intensity, and when it was close, the intensity was down. The intensity of A1 XI 154.7 A was increased about 4 times stronger with a mirror in comparison with no mirror. As shown in an inset, the intensity of the second half of the pulse-train laser was reduced to 25% of the first one. A mirror was made from a Mo/Si multi-layer with the reflectivity of 34% at 154.7 A. The other parameters are shown in the figure. 

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