Advanced sleep phase in adolescents born preterm.

  title={Advanced sleep phase in adolescents born preterm.},
  author={Anna Maria Hibbs and Amy Storfer-Isser and Carol L Rosen and Carolyn E. Ievers-Landis and E. Taveras and Susan Redline},
  journal={Behavioral sleep medicine},
  volume={12 5},
The objective of this article is to evaluate whether sleep patterns and quality differed between adolescents born preterm and term, and to further explore whether differences in sleep patterns were explained by differences in mediating factors such as mood, behavior, or socioeconomic status. Five hundred and one 16- to 19-year-old children in the longitudinal Cleveland Children's Sleep and Health Study cohort underwent overnight polysomnography (PSG), wore wrist actigraphs, and completed sleep… CONTINUE READING

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