Advanced rank/select data structures: succinctness, bounds, and applications


Acknowledgements This thesis is the end of a long, 4 year journey full of wonders, obstacles, aspirations and setbacks. From the person who cautiously set foot in Pisa to the guy who left his own country, none of these steps would have been possible without the right people at the right moment, supporting me through the dark moments of my life and being with me enjoying the bright ones. First of all, I need to thank Prof. Roberto Grossi, who decided that he could accept me as a Ph.D. Student. Little he knew of what was ahead :). Still, he bailed me out of trouble multiple times, provided invaluable support and insight, helping me grow both as a person and as a scientist. I also owe a lot to Prof. Rajeev Raman, who has been a valuable, patient and welcoming co-author. I also want to thank Proff. Sebastiano Vigna and Paolo Boldi, who although they were less present in the last years, they nurtured my passion for computer science and introduced me to their branch of research. Also Prof. Degano, as head of the Ph.D. course, provided me with non-trivial help during these years. In Pisa, I met a lot of interesting people who were crucial for my happiness, was it when studying on a Sunday, on a boring the-proof-does-not-work-again day, in moments of real need, or on a Saturday night. Hence, this goes to Matteo S., And of course, I cannot forget my office mates, Giovanni and Giuseppe, who provided valuable lessons of Sicilian and managed not to kill me because of the open door. Also, the last year has been full of changes and important steps in my life. I doubt this thesis would never have been printed if it weren't for you, You guys know what I am talking about. Beyond this, I need to thank my family, whose love and support provided me with the help one need when facing the unknowns of almost 4 years as a grad student. I want to end by saying that it is hard to find people who have the bravery to believe in you, to enjoy your life with, to trust you, to share the little triumphs, the 4 big losses, the hard lessons as well a laugh on the sunset on the beach, the kindness of a tear, or the inspiration and the passion that drives you through. …

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