Advanced oxidation of a pulp mill bleaching wastewater.

  title={Advanced oxidation of a pulp mill bleaching wastewater.},
  author={Mar{\'i}a C Yeber and Jaime Rodriguez and Juanita Freer and Jaime Baeza and Nelson Dur{\'a}n and H{\'e}ctor D Mansilla},
  volume={39 10},
The degradation, by several advanced oxidation reactions, of a pulp mill ECF bleaching effluent, was studied. The initial biodegradability of the organic matter present in the effluent, estimated as the BOD5/COD, was low (0.3). When the effluent was submitted to ozonation and to five different advanced oxidation systems (O3/UV, O3/UV/ZnO, O3/UV/TiO2, O2/UV/ZnO, O2/UV/TiO2), the biodegradability increase significantly. After five minutes of reaction, the O3/UV system appears as the most… CONTINUE READING

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