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Advanced Structured Materials

  title={Advanced Structured Materials},
  author={Holm Altenbach and Andreas {\"O}chsner},
Dynamics of solitons is considered in the framework of the extended nonlinear Schrödinger equation (NLSE), which is derived from a system of the Zakharov’s type for the interaction between highand low-frequency (HF and LF) waves, in which the LF field is subject to diffusive damping. The model may apply to the propagation of HF waves in plasmas. The resulting NLSE includes a pseudostimulated-Raman-scattering (pseudo-SRS) term, i.e., a spatial-domain counterpart of the SRS term which is well… 
Spherically Symmetric Tensor Fields and Their Application in Nonlinear Theory of Dislocations
A formulation of the spherically symmetric problem of the nonlinear theory of dislocations is given and an exact analytical solution is found for the equilibrium of a hollow sphere loaded from the outside and from the inside by hydrostatic pressures.
On the Crack‐Tip Region Stress Field in Molecular Systems: The Case of Ideal Brittle Fracture
  • P. Gallo
  • Medicine
    Advanced Theory and Simulations
  • 2019
The work shows that the stress intensity factor from atomic stress may be useful to describe the fracture criterion at extremely small dimensions, provided that virial stress is accepted as a representation of mechanical stress at the atomic level.
The paper presents the methods for solving the homogenization problems for twophase piezoelectric composites, which are implemented in ACELAN-COMPOS finite element package, developed by the authors.
Synthesis and Characterization of Elongated-Shaped Silver Nanoparticles as a Biocompatible Anisotropic SERS Probe for Intracellular Imaging: Theoretical Modeling and Experimental Verification
A biocompatible Raman probe by combining anisotropic silver nanoparticles with the dye rhodamine 6G followed by subsequent coating with bovine serum albumin is developed, presenting strong SERS capabilities in the near infrared (NIR) with a very high analytical enhancement factor.
Numerical Analysis of a Steam Turbine Rotor subjected to Thermo-Mechanical Cyclic Loads
The contribution at hand discusses the thermo-mechanical analysis of a steam turbine rotor, made of a heat-resistant steel. Thereby, the analysis accounts for the complicated geometry of a real steam
A Review on Polyelectrolytes (PES) and Polyelectrolyte Complexes (PECs)
Polyelectrolytes are polymers of oppositely charged ions and their properties differ profoundly than their repeating units. Over recent years, much advancement has been made in the synthesis,
Design and Modeling of an Experimental ROV with Six Degrees of Freedom
With the development of underwater technology, it is important to develop a wide range of autonomous and remotely operated underwater vehicles for various tasks. Depending on the problem that needs
EVA Films Loaded with Layered Double Hydroxide (LDH) Modified with Methacrylic Anion: Effect of the Nanohybrid Filler on the Photodegradation Phenomena
The photo-oxidative studies of ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) matrix, filled with Layered Double Hydroxide (LDH) modified with methacrylic anion (MA), showed a slight decrease in gas permeability, coupled with a substantial stabilization of the original CO2/O2 selectivity, which proves the integrity of the films after 30 days of UV irradiation.
Estimating and Extracting of the Surface Profile Waviness by Use of the Spatial Notch Filters in the Roughness Profile Analysis
Classical surveying of the machined surface quality is performed very often with using roughness profile recording by means of contact mechanical profilometer [4-7]. Also classical attitude to the


Soliton dynamics in an extended nonlinear Schrödinger equation with a spatial counterpart of the stimulated Raman scattering
Abstract The dynamics of solitons is considered in the framework of the extended nonlinear Schrödinger equation (NLSE), which is derived from a system of Zakharov's type for the interaction between
Solitons in a forced nonlinear Schrödinger equation with the pseudo-Raman effect.
  • E. Gromov, B. Malomed
  • Physics
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics
  • 2015
Analysis of the field-momentum balance and direct simulations demonstrates that wave-number downshift by the pseudo-SRS may be compensated by the upshift induced by the wind traction, thus maintaining robust bright solitons in both stationary and oscillatory forms; in particular, they are not destroyed by the underlying convective instability.
Propagation and collisions of semidiscrete solitons in arrayed and stacked waveguides
We consider shapes and dynamics of semi-discrete solitons (SDSs) in the known model of the set of linearly-coupled waveguides with the intrinsic cubic nonlinearity. The model applies to the
Nonlinear Localized Strain Waves in a 2D Medium with Microstructure
A two-dimensional model of the crystalline (granular) medium is considered that represents a square lattice consisting of elastically interacting particles, which possess translational and rotational
Long-wave short-wave resonance for nonlinear geometric optics
The aim of this paper is to study oscillatory solutions of nonlinear hyperbolic systems in the framework developped during the last decade by Joly, Metivier and Rauch. Here we mainly focus on
Soliton interactions in the vector NLS equation
Collisions of solitons for two coupled and N-coupled NLS equation are investigated from various viewpoints. By suitably employing Manakov's well-known formulae for the polarization shift of
Diagnosis of the properties of a structurized medium by long nonlinear waves
It was traditionally believed that long-wave processes in inhomogeneous media can be simulated within the framework of a homogeneous medium. It is known [1-3] that, at the acoustic level, the
On the solitons and nonlinear wave equations
The paper is focused on the solitons and nonlinear equations for an uniaxial deformation problem. The aim is to determine a parametrical representation for a class of constitutive laws for
Interactions of vector solitons.
  • J. Yang
  • Physics, Mathematics
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics
  • 2001
In this paper, we study the interaction of two widely separated vector solitons in the nonintegrable coupled nonlinear Schrödinger (NLS) equations. Using a modification of Karpman-Solov'ev