Advanced Research into AI Ising Computer

  title={Advanced Research into AI Ising Computer},
  author={Masanao Yamaoka and Dr. Ir. M. Menco B. Ph. and Chihiro Yoshimura and Masato Hayashi and Takuya Okuyama and Hidetaka Aoki and Hiroyuki Mizuno},
Masanao Yamaoka, Ph.D. Chihiro Yoshimura Masato Hayashi Takuya Okuyama Hidetaka Aoki Hiroyuki Mizuno, Ph.D. OVERVIEW: A major challenge facing AI is the enormous computational load it imposes, of which combinational optimization makes up a large part. Hitachi has devised a computing technology based on a new paradigm that is capable of solving combinatorial… CONTINUE READING