Advanced Ramsey-Based Büchi Automata Inclusion Testing

  title={Advanced Ramsey-Based B{\"u}chi Automata Inclusion Testing},
  author={Parosh Aziz Abdulla and Yu-Fang Chen and Lorenzo Clemente and Luk{\'a}s Hol{\'i}k and Chih-Duo Hong and Richard Mayr and Tom{\'a}s Vojnar},
Checking language inclusion between two nondeterministic Büchi automata A and B is computationally hard (PSPACE-complete). However, several approaches which are efficient in many practical cases have been proposed. We build on one of these, which is known as the Ramsey-based approach. It has recently been shown that the basic Ramsey-based approach can be drastically optimized by using powerful subsumption techniques, which allow one to prune the search-space when looking for counterexamples to… CONTINUE READING
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