Adult onset idiopathic familial brain calcifications.


We treated a family with idiopathic calcifications of symmetric areas of the brain, including the basal ganglia, dentate, and cerebral white matter. Dementia, progressive dysarthria, incontinence, propulsive-ataxic gait, fixed facies, and cogwheel rigidity without dysmorphic features develop in affected persons. Calcium, phosphorus, and parathyroid hormone levels were normal in the two siblings tested. The literature is reviewed and five other families with a similar syndrome are identified. These six families seem to be clinically distinct from the larger group of idiopathic cerebral calcifications usually referred to as Fahr's disease.


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@article{Harati1984AdultOI, title={Adult onset idiopathic familial brain calcifications.}, author={Yadollah Harati and Jeffrery A Jackson and Esterni Benjamin}, journal={Archives of internal medicine}, year={1984}, volume={144 12}, pages={2425-7} }