Adult groin hernias: new insight into their biomechanical characteristics.

  title={Adult groin hernias: new insight into their biomechanical characteristics.},
  author={Alain Pans and G{\'e}rald E. Pi{\'e}rard and Adelin Albert and C J Desaive},
  journal={European journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={27 10},
The biomechanical properties of the transversalis fascia and rectus abdominis aponeurosis were assessed in adult groin hernias, using a computerized-suction device (Cutometer) equipped with a 2-mm probe. Evaluations were made ex vivo on fresh samples collected from 63 patients with unilateral or bilateral hernias and 30 control subjects without hernias. Under 50 and 200 mbar suctions, there was no statistical difference between the overall mechanical properties of control and patient… CONTINUE READING