Adult female urinary incontinence and childhood bedwetting.

  title={Adult female urinary incontinence and childhood bedwetting.},
  author={Anders Foldspang and S\oren Mommsen},
  journal={The Journal of urology},
  volume={152 1},
A cross-sectional random population sample of women 30 to 59 years old was sent a questionnaire on urinary incontinence and, among other things, childhood bedwetting. Among 2,613 responders 17.0% reported prevalent urinary incontinence (14.7% stress provoked, 8.3% associated with urge, 6.8% stress and urge overlap, 2.2% occurring especially during sleep and 3.9% occurring especially when anxious), and 6.5% reported childhood bedwetting after age 5 years and 3.3% after age 10 years. Childhood… CONTINUE READING

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