Adult ectopic thymus adjacent to thyroid and parathyroid.

  title={Adult ectopic thymus adjacent to thyroid and parathyroid.},
  author={Sang Ling Wu and D Gupta and Joseph Connelly},
  journal={Archives of pathology & laboratory medicine},
  volume={125 6},
A female college student presented to the hospital with a recent history of a slowly enlarging, painless mass in the anterior part of the neck. Thyroid function test results were within normal limits, and aside from cosmetic disfigurement, the patient was asymptomatic. A fine needle aspiration of the right thyroid revealed a colloid nodule with rare Hürthle cells. A right thyroidectomy was subsequently performed. On gross examination, the right thyroid gland weighed 15.0 g and measured 5.5 3 3… CONTINUE READING