Adult attachment as a mediator/moderator to early experiences of family violence victimization on adult physically violent behavior

  title={Adult attachment as a mediator/moderator to early experiences of family violence victimization on adult physically violent behavior},
  author={Alison Marganski},
Breaking the Cycle: Association of Attending Therapy Following Childhood Abuse and Subsequent Perpetration of Violence
Findings suggest that psychotherapeutic experiences after experiencing childhood physical abuse may decrease the likelihood of perpetrating violence in adulthood. Expand
Childhood Sibling Aggression and Emotional Difficulties and Aggressive Behavior in Adulthood
Preliminary evidence indicates that childhood sibling aggression, the most common form of family violence, might be associated with aggression and emotional difficulties in adulthood. Three hundredExpand


Social Learning Theory
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Prospective investigations have demonstrated support for the cycle of violence theory. However, few studies have examined whether or not abuse occurring during adolescence increases the prevalenceExpand
Courtship Violence Among College Students: A Comparison of Verbally and Physically Abusive Couples
This study used a modified version of the Conflict Tactic Scale (Straus, 1990) to measure the expression of verbal and physical aggression among 572 college students (395 females and 177 males)Expand
Family Violence in the United States: Defining, Understanding, and Combating Abuse
Part I. Defining and Understanding Abuse 1. Issues in the Definition of Family Violence and Abuse Part II. Child Maltreatment 2. Child Physical Maltreatment 3. Child Sexual Maltreatment 4. ChildExpand
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BACKGROUND Influential studies have cast doubt on the validity of retrospective reports by adults of their own adverse experiences in childhood. Accordingly, many researchers view retrospectiveExpand
Examining Intergenerational Violence: Violent Role Modeling or Weak Parental Controls?
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Family violence research has uncovered a positive relationship between parental violence and children’s later involvement in intimate violence. In a similar vein, criminology’s social control theoryExpand
Violent Childhood Experiences and the Risk of Intimate Partner Violence in Adults
Information about the relationship of experiencing abuse or witnessing domestic violence in childhood to the risk of intimate partner violence (IPV) in adulthood is scant. The relationship ofExpand
Abuse by Siblings and Subsequent Experiences of Violence Within the Dating Relationship
The present study examined the association between abuse by siblings and subsequent experiences of dating violence, comparing this to the relationship between parental abuse and dating violence. ForExpand
The Effect of Abuse in Childhood and in Adolescence on Violence among Adolescents
This study of 1,031 persons from five public high schools examined the relative effects of elements of control, strain, and social learning theories on violence among younger (< 16 years of age) andExpand