Adult Education and Learning Disabilities

  title={Adult Education and Learning Disabilities},
  author={Lynda A. Price and Stan F. Shaw},
  journal={Career Development for Exceptional Individuals},
  pages={187 - 204}
Almost two generations have now reached adulthood since they were originally diagnosed with learning disabilities in the 1960's. This population continues to grow at a rapid pace as others are diagnosed after adolescence. The collective knowledge base concerning the complex issues of adults with learning disabilities, however, is still in its infancy. As a result, this article applies theories of adult education, as conceptualized by Malcolm Knowles, to best practices for adults with learning… 

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Programs and Social Supports for Adults with a Learning Disability in Trinidad: Policy Review and Analysis

The result of the ten in-field interviews revealed that adults with a learning disability are not afforded equal opportunity in achieving educational and vocational goals as their non-disabled peers, and shows that political will must further manifest into enacted legislation.

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На основе количественных оценок избыточных рисков определены группы риска по классу болезней «психические расстройства и расстройства поведения» среди участников ликвидации последствий аварии на



Adults with Learning Disabilities

Although most of the participants indicated that their learning disabilities affected them at work or in other facets of their life, they typically did not disclose those disabilities when applying for jobs or once employed.

Identifying Alterable Patterns in Employment Success for Highly Successful Adults with Learning Disabilities

It was found that the overriding theme was control and that control was sought through the pursuit of two sets of themes---internal decisions and external manifestations in this study of 46 highly successful and 25 moderately successful adults with learning disabilities.

Self-Determination Instructional Strategies for Youth with Learning Disabilities

  • S. Field
  • Psychology
    Journal of learning disabilities
  • 1996
Four self-determination models are described and several instructional programs and strategies to promoteSelf-determination in students with learning disabilities are examined and the research and policy implications of these issues are discussed.

When Academic Assistance Is Not Enough

Examples of interventions and case studies from two federally funded research/demonstration projects at the University of Minnesota are provided, describing theoretical models for mental health services that address the psychosocial issues frequently encountered in academic or vocational settings.

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This article reviews the literature on 10 areas related to employment of adults with learning disabilities: (a) transitions to work, (b) obtaining employment, (c) type of employment, (d) rate of

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Adolescence, the tumultuous period from dependent childhood to independent or interdependent adulthood, is a critical time for the development and expression of self-determination. An instructional

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This edition reflects the latest work and advances in adult learning theory. Readers learn to develop meaningful programmes and use new techniques for effectively teaching adults. After examining the

Perceptions of Team Members Regarding the Involvement of Students with Learning Disabilities in Transition Planning.

AUTHOR Walker, Joanne H.; Shaw, Stan F. TITLE Perceptions of Team Members Regarding the Involvement of Students with Learning Disabilities in Transition Planning. PUB DATE 4 Apr 96 NOTE 49p.; Paper

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