Adult Baby Syndrome and Gender Identity Disorder

  title={Adult Baby Syndrome and Gender Identity Disorder},
  author={Kristina Kise and Mathew Nguyen},
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Adult Baby Syndrome (ABS) has been reported now by several authors. Pate and Gabbard (2003) associated it with paraphiliaand Croarkin,Nam,andWaldrep (2004)connected it to Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Evcimen and Gratz (2006) described a case that was associated with neither paraphilia nor OCD. We present a case of ABS in a patient in which there did not seem to be a connection to either paraphilia or OCD, but, interestingly, the case was further complicated by gender identity issues. Mr… 
Adult Baby Syndrome and Age Identity Disorder: Comment on Kise and Nguyen (2011)
In Kise and Ngyuen’s (2011) Letter-to-the-Editor, entitled ‘‘Adult Baby Syndrome and Gender Identity Disorder,’’ the authors present a case study of an individual who seems to display both adult baby
Self-Reported Childhood Maltreatment and Erotic Target Identity Inversions Among Men with Paraphilic Infantilism
Survey of the online adult baby/diaper lover community revealed a prevalence of pedophilic interests comparable with the general male population, arguing against ETIIs as common in paraphilic infantilism.
The use of cognitive behavioural therapy on two case reports of paraphilic infantilism, substance misuse and childhood abuse
Two case descriptions of paraphilic infantilism coexisting with substance use disorders and anxiety and/or a mood disorder are discussed and it is revealed that both cases’ paraphilic conduct was associated with their substance misuse and whilst they attended a drug maintenance programme, they did not wish to pursue any treatment intervention regarding their paraphilic behaviours.
Other Aspects of Autogynephilic Sexuality
In this chapter, transsexual informants discussed several additional aspects of autogynephilic sexuality. Many reported that autogynephilic fantasies were obligatory for achieving orgasm. Some
Transgender Individuals among an Online Adult Baby Diaper Lover Community Sample: An Exploratory Study
There is a lack of literature on the transgender community and individuals with atypical sexual interest which can lead to multiple aspects of stigma based on an individual’s gender identity and
Experiences of distress by participants in the Adult Baby/Diaper Lover community
ABSTRACT This study examined data on 1795 male, 139 female, and 78 gender non-binary members of the Adult Baby/Diaper Lover (ABDL) online community. Using grounded theory, qualitative analyses
Men Trapped in Men’s Bodies
Male-to-female (MtF) transsexuals are often described as “women trapped in men’s bodies,” but there are two different types of MtF transsexuals, and this description is more applicable to one type
A Qualitative Exploration of Adult Baby/Diaper Lover Behavior From an Online Community Sample
There is modest evidence of more than two ABDL subgroups, and a large number of individuals do not see their ABDL practices as sexual in nature, but there is a clear contingent that describes sexual motivations.
An Exploratory Study of Adult Baby-Diaper Lovers’ Characteristics in an Italian Online Sample
It is indicated that adults with ABDL showed the presence of anxious traits and recollections of parental rejection during childhood, and associations were observed between current or previous ABDL phenomena enuresis and negative mood states.


Adult baby syndrome.
This case conference presents the case of a man who appeared as a “baby” for psychiatric evaluation and treatment and it soon became apparent that the patient’s request for treatment was complicated by a variety of other motives.
Multiplex Versus Multiple Taxonomy of Paraphilia: Case Example
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  • Psychology
    Sexual abuse : a journal of research and treatment
  • 2003
A multiplex paraphilia taxonomy may lead to improved identification of etiology, prognosis, and treatment of paraphilia, and it is suggested that a more parsimonious taxonomy would be that of one multipleX paraphilia.
A 24‐year-old right‐handed man is described, who suffered grand‐mal seizures since he was 18 months old, and Examination showed the presence of constructional dyspraxia, and a partial left homonymous hemianopia.
Adult Baby Syndrome
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