Adult Baby Syndrome

  title={Adult Baby Syndrome},
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A Qualitative Exploration of Adult Baby/Diaper Lover Behavior From an Online Community Sample
There is modest evidence of more than two ABDL subgroups, and a large number of individuals do not see their ABDL practices as sexual in nature, but there is a clear contingent that describes sexual motivations.
Transgender Individuals among an Online Adult Baby Diaper Lover Community Sample: An Exploratory Study
There is a lack of literature on the transgender community and individuals with atypical sexual interest which can lead to multiple aspects of stigma based on an individual’s gender identity and
Experiences of distress by participants in the Adult Baby/Diaper Lover community
ABSTRACT This study examined data on 1795 male, 139 female, and 78 gender non-binary members of the Adult Baby/Diaper Lover (ABDL) online community. Using grounded theory, qualitative analyses
Is there a place for sensory aspects and alternative representations in non-normative sexual interest research? Reflections from a study into dacryphilia
Research into normative sexual interests (e.g., paraphilias, fetishes, and unusual sexual practices) mainly collect qualitative data because of the low occurrence of such behaviors. Moreover, the
An Exploratory Study of Adult Baby-Diaper Lovers’ Characteristics in an Italian Online Sample
It is indicated that adults with ABDL showed the presence of anxious traits and recollections of parental rejection during childhood, and associations were observed between current or previous ABDL phenomena enuresis and negative mood states.
Self-Reported Childhood Maltreatment and Erotic Target Identity Inversions Among Men with Paraphilic Infantilism
Survey of the online adult baby/diaper lover community revealed a prevalence of pedophilic interests comparable with the general male population, arguing against ETIIs as common in paraphilic infantilism.
Conjuring, Expanding, and Blurring Boundaries of Sexual Subcultures: The Grounding of the Fluid
ABSTRACT This paper creates a fluid model with which to research the connection between sexual subcultures and online spaces, as well as, the impact of online spaces on the creation and proliferation
Etiological Perspectives of ABDL Behavior from Members of an Online ABDL Community
Etiological Perspectives of ABDL Behavior From Members of an Online ABDL Community by Jennie M. Hilleren MS, University of Wisconsin Stout, 2005 BS, University of North Dakota, 2002 Dissertation
Exploring asexuality within an adult baby/diaper lover community
ABSTRACT This internet-based study provided exploratory analyses on 99 asexual and 1919 non-asexual members of the Adult Baby/Diaper Lover (ABDL) community. This study involved the secondary analysis
Partner Knowledge and Involvement in Adult Baby/Diaper Lover Behavior
  • B. Zamboni
  • Education
    Journal of sex & marital therapy
  • 2018
ABSTRACT Reported partner knowledge of and involvement in adult baby/diaper lover (ABDL) behavior were examined based on responses from 1,795 male and 139 female members of the ABDL community.


Adult baby syndrome.
This case conference presents the case of a man who appeared as a “baby” for psychiatric evaluation and treatment and it soon became apparent that the patient’s request for treatment was complicated by a variety of other motives.
Another report on the wearing of diapers and rubber pants by an adult male.
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Comment on adult baby syndrome.
Stages of treatment in the case of a diaper-wearing seventeen-year-old male.
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The physical maturation was medically accelerated, which stimulated unusually severe defense mechanisms, and the treatment was interpretive in nature and was aimed at understanding the meaning of the patient's defenses in relation to his fears of growing up.