Adult‐onset aqueductal stenosis: A case report

  title={Adult‐onset aqueductal stenosis: A case report},
  author={B Batta and Fanny Tr{\'e}chot and Cloche and T. Maalouf and Karine Angioi},
Purpose The authors describe a case of an adult-onset aqueduct stenosis. Methods A 37-year-old man presented with a progressive blurring of vision in his left eye for a few days. He reported a fever episode two weeks before. Visual acuity was 10/10 P2 OD and 7/10 P2 OS. Pupils were equal without afferent defect. Neurologic examination was normal. Fundoscopic examination revealed a left optic disc oedema and a mild swelling of the right disc margins. Visual field examination demonstrated… CONTINUE READING